is short4orm?


short4orm is one Western author’s attempt to experiment with the intriguing and beautiful literary structure of kishōtenketsu. Every story published on short4orm is four sentences long, each embodying the form’s internal parts (introduction, description, twist, conclusion). They’re created with the intent to be “full stories,” not excerpts or sketches, though the author is in training and bruises must be earned.

Updates may come swiftly or in trickles, and the author cannot foresee what topics, turns, or terrors await readers. This is utterly unwritten and unexplored cultural territory he’s facing — and he certainly wouldn’t grudge the company.


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  1. Oh goodness–I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment until now! Thank you very much for your nomination. I’ll have to spend a little longer on WordPress to find 15 bloggers to share, but rest assured, this honor will not be forgotten 😉


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